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our wines

We transform grapes, a living matter that must manifest itself in the bottle and glass, into a living liquid ..., a drink / food.

… ”I am happy, in the midst of my Mediterranean sadness, to be here. And to tell you how beautiful it is to think of structures of light, and to throw them like aerial nets on the earth, so that it is no longer that dark and lost place that appears to many, or that place of slaves that is shown to many … To tell you how good it is the Earth, and the first of the values, and to be defended at all times. In her villages, even in her woods, springs, countryside, wherever there are eyes – even the eyes of a bird or domestic or wild animal. Wherever there are eyes that look at you with peace or fear, there is something heavenly there, and it must be honored and defended. I know this. That the Earth is a celestial body, that the life that has been expanding there since time immemorial is before mankind, even before culture, and it asks to continue to be, and to be loved … “. … “There is an old world, founded on the exploitation of mother nature, on the disorder of human nature, on the certainty that there is nothing sacred. I answer that everything is divine and untouchable: and more sacred than everything are the springs, the clouds, the woods and their little inhabitants. And man cannot transform this splendor into canned goods and merchandise, but he must live and be happy with other systems, of intelligence and peace, alongside these celestial forces. ”

A.M. Ortese – Celestial body

The labels

Our labels are drawings by the artist / sculptor Alessandro Stenico born in Trento in 1939 from an Italian father and Norwegian mother. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Trento, later attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and then spent another four years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera. In 1972 he moved to the Roman countryside of Ardea, where he still lives and works today.