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by Enrico Rosati and Federica Marelli

Natural Wines from Biodynamic Agriculture

Who we are

Our company was founded in 2011 with the purchase of about 2.5 hectares of land, on which we planted our small vineyard (just over 1 hectare) in 2013 consisting of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and a small part of Grenache.

We immediately practiced biodynamic agriculture, thanks also and above all to the collaborations born a few years ago with Carlo Noro and Michele Lorenzetti, convinced that this agronomic practice is capable of increasing the fertility of the soils in a system of harmonies and balances with the plants, animals, insects, humans, and with the awareness of being able to raise plants as you do with your children, leaving behind the high quality of the lands and the products obtained there.

The wine

For us, wine must remember the vintage with its peculiarities. We transform grapes, a living matter that must manifest itself in the bottle and glass, into a living liquid …, a drink / food. To do this, in the cellar we do not use additives and / or oenological adjuvants. We do not clarify, we do not filter, nor do we stabilize. Our grapes ferment spontaneously from their own skin, cellar and vintage yeasts.

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The territory

Territory formed by the eruptions of the great Lazio Volcano (which extends for over 1500 square kilometers and is almost 1000 meters high), which took place between 600,000-20,000 years ago.

At the base of the geological structure of the territory are the marine clays, made up of the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which once covered the area up to the Lepini Mountains, and which in turn were covered by lava and tuff, materials erupted by the Laziale Volcano.

The vineyard

Facing south / east at a maximum altitude of 70 m a.s.l. distant 9 linear km from the Tyrrhenian Sea, and almost every day sea wind blows.

The vineyard benefits from the proximity of woods with the presence of cork oaks, elms and an undergrowth typical of the Mediterranean scrub, with the presence of laurel, mastic, wild asparagine, brambles etc. We built the plant on just over 1 ha in March 2013, consisting of 60% Cabernet Franc, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1400 Grenache plants, using natural chestnut poles.

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All the operations in the cellar are carried out following the evolutionary rhythms of the wines, without upsetting with invasive oenological practices what the peculiarity of each single vintage, combined with a scrupulous biodynamic practice, give us.

For our wines we use vitrified concrete, steel, barrique and tonneaux containers. After maturation, they refine from 2 to 4 months in the bottle before being put on the market.